Do you accept multidisciplinary artists and/or performance artists in your programme?

If you are predominantly showing your work / sound pieces / performances in professional visual art contexts such as art museums, exhibition spaces, artist run project spaces, art biennials and art festivals, you are eligible for the Malt AIR residency program. If your praxis has predominantly been unfolding in other professional performative art / music contexts, you are not eligible.


Why do you ask for professional references in the application - and what type of contact information do you need? 

We ask for the references in the application because we might need them in the jury, when we have narrowed it down. They will be used if the jury find it necessary.
We will need the name, profession, mail address and/or phone number of your references. 


Can I apply with others / as a group / as a duo?

For the time being, we primarily focus on individual artists. This fits with the programme’s focus on the individual’s research, process and network building. And also with the residence facilities. 

We are however open to duoes. The duo will be considered as 'one resident'. That means that the duo would share the residence facilities; the studio and bedroom. This also regards the monthly fee, and only one of you will have your travelling expences covered by the programme. 


Are there other artists in the residency?

The Malt AIR programme has two-three artists at a time, for a three-month period. There is also space for other residents in other programmes. In other words, there can be four residents at a time, sharing the apartment, which has one kitchen, two bathrooms, one living room and four bedrooms.


What can I expect when I arrive?

You can expect a warm welcome! We’ll collect you at the Aarhus Airport, which is 15 kms from the residency. You will be shown around your new home at Maltfabrikken and introduced to the people here and the surrounding area. The programme for your time here includes visits to Kunsthal Aarhus and The Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen, where you will also be introduced to the art scene in the area. We are many people who are looking forward to meeting you!


Will I get pocket money?

Yes, you will receive amonthly stipend of 1000€ to cover living expenses, local transport and cost of materials and production. 135€ of this monthly allowance is to be used to cover your transport and accommodation expenses in relation to networking activities in Denmark.


What activities can I expect to participate in during the programme?

We will tailor a programme relevant to your research and practice, within which you will be able to meet institutions and individuals from the Danish art scene. This could be in the form of exhibition visits, meetings with artists and curators, participating in seminars, etc. We would like to plan your programme with you before the commencement of your residency. Some of your excursions and visits will be with a guide, others will be on your own.

The programme will include an artist talk at Maltfabrikken. You will also be matched with a peer – a professional Danish artist or curator – who will give you two mentoring sessions. You will also be offered curatorial guidance from Kunsthal Aarhus and coaching about artistic production processes at The Danish Art Workshops.


Where will I live?

At Maltfabrikken in Ebeltoft. You will share an apartment with 1-3 other residents. For a description of the facilities, click on this link: RESIDENCY


Will I have my own studio?

Yes, you will have your own 'private' studio, that is in the same building as the apartment in Maltfabrikken. The studios are created for research and are office-size. You will also have access to our workshops with equipment for working with wood, metal and digital production.


Can I take my dog / my partner / my family with me?

The residency only has space for you. There are, however, various accommodation options in the vicinity for your partner / family.